Author: Atao Lais

Language: English

Pages: 228

Dimensions: 2.2 MB

Published: August 2019

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MEMORIES FROM THE FUTURE is the surprising vision of a world after capitalism, post-money, post-war not so far away in the future.

Just as we plan a building before we actually build it, why wouldn’t we (the owners of hearts, brains, computers and internet connections) plan the future of humanity with the same mindfulness, before it actually manifests in the present?

This book is a wake-up call to join our effort in designing our future according to our desires, best knowledge, and common sense.
It’s exactly the opposite of reading our fortune in the stars, anticipating apocalypse, waiting for the last judgment, or letting the rich and powerful do the planning and building on our and the planets back.

It’s about choosing and building a new world that makes as much sense as possible, for us and our children. Because meaning in life is paramount, more significant than survival

MEMORIES FORM THE FUTURE proposes to choose and to build a new world with as much meaning as possible for us and our children. Because meaning in life is primordial, more significant than survival.


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