Bonus #2 “Memories from the Future”

The power of silence played a key role in the transition to the new world when the internet had allowed several hundred million people to unite in silence and gather momentum for the abolition of war and money and the overcoming of supremacist ideology. No wonder that right from 0000001 a daily global moment of silence is instituted. When the moon rises over Kiribati Island a signal is emitted worldwide by every radio and tv station, every mobile phone, every car, every bus and train, every plane and ship, every church and tower and every distribution depot for food and goods in order to mark the beginning and the end of “99 SECONDS OF SILENCE”. Radio and TV stations interrupt their program and the TV screens remain black. The signal can vary from place to place and from country to country. It may be a classic signal like a bell or a singing bowl, or it can be a simple electronic beep. As the moon rises approximately 50 minutes later every day, the moment of silence happens always at a different moment throughout the month. Obviously not everyone can and not everyone wants to participate in the collective exercise of silence which is no problem at all. The reality that every day several billion people know that they are connected in INNER silence to their brothers and sisters on the planet is much stronger than the reality of some crying babies, laughing children, working engines and chatting people. Some people grow very fond of the ritual and don’t miss a single session. Others join the silence once a week or once a month. Some join in accordance with their activity. They may like to join when they are particularly stressed by a challenging project but tend to miss out during times of idleness. Others act inversely, they join when they are off duty and miss out during work. One thing is for sure: if the signal was canceled one day, everybody would miss it.