Inspired by the work of Jean-Pierre Garnier-Malet on the nature of past, present, and future, the first material for “Memories from the Future” is written in winter 2017. It becomes quickly imperative to write a book that is not focusing on the current crisis in order to free the mind to a maximal degree from all the constrictions, arising from caring too much about solving (often unsolvable) problems of today’s civilization with completely inappropriate means. The major part of the book is then written in summer 2017 in Greece.

The most profound discovery during the writing process is definitely the primacy of meaning over survival in human life and life in general. Meaning is identified as the most fundamental dimension of life whereas survival is just a means. The real crisis we go through right now at a global scale is not an environmental or humanitarian crisis it’s a profound crisis of meaning. Therefore we urgently need to think about and plan a world that we consider meaningful instead of fighting climate change, drug abuse or cancer. Once we have a clear picture how a meaningful future looks like, it will become much easier to find a way to overcome current difficulties.